Why 'Ascension' Yoga Healing??

Firstly and quite simply from the moment we are born until the moment we pass on from this world we are on our path to ascension, our path of transformation.  There are times throughout our journey when we move into discomfort, our moments of learning and growth.   At these times we can feel intense moments of mental, emotional and physical pain and it is important to find a way to move through these traumas in a way that is gentle yet clearing, to allow ourselves to feel the pain to move through it into light, to learn the lesson and take the blessing so we can take the next steps on our path. We can learn to let go so we can make room for joy and bliss.


Secondly and more deeply since 2012, the energy of our planet has changed immensely with much more high-frequency light coming in.  Humanity is undergoing a consciousness shift which requires re-education.  Through this shift we as human beings are evolving and throughout this process we are undergoing strong periods of releasing.  Our bodies are changing at a deep energetic level and as we grow we are releasing a lot of past life karma and we are feeling it in many ways, mentally, emotionally and physically.  Many people are going through this and not even aware this is what they are going through. 


I would like to briefly go through the basic meaning and mechanics of the ‘Ascension’ and discuss the various symptoms that we as humans are encountering in our evolution process. I will be uploading many articles and tools on the website that will help support your awareness to investigate and explore the impacts it has upon us human beings, our planet and all of consciousness.  I will also be sharing my personal stories and experiences posted through blogs in the hope they may help you.

Ascension Yoga Healing is an Embodied New Age style of Yoga I have created through my wide and varied experience as a yoga teacher, through my own practice and through my own Ascension Process and deep connection with Source, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Archangels and Ascended Masters, all of whom I humbly and gratefully give thanks and love to. 

Ascension Yoga Healing is to support those in the awakening process; both consciously and unconsciously!  Every single being will go through the awakening process but we’re still in the early stages so, again, many people are unaware they are at this stage, please click on the 'related blogs' link below to view 'Signs and Symptoms of Ascension' to see if anything resonates with you.

I discovered through many stages of releasing/clearing that I couldn’t practice many styles of yoga in a physical capacity but I soon discovered that everything I had studied so far wasn’t by any chance or coincidence.  If I tried to move through any type of strong practice it was too intense for me on every level, come the second sun salutation in an Ashtanga based practice I was on the floor again crying.  I let the tears out, being and Empath I’m completely okay with and lucky enough to allow myself feel in order to heal and release everything (i know this isn’t the case for everyone so we will go into this again).  Once the tears had subsided I couldn’t breathe to re-commence a strong yang physical practice and I was simply too drained to do so.  That was emotional release preventing me from a physical practice.  Then there is the physical changes as our bodies are evolving and as we are releasing deeper subconscious layers we may find new unexplained discomforts and disability's coming about or at times severe pain and lack of movement particularly along the spine as the nervous system readjusts.

I was already in love with yin yoga and this practice worked for me even more at these times so I completely allowed myself to surrender to just my yin practice physically, along with meditations, pranayama and mantra.  On the very intense days even pranayama and mantra were not possible and on other even more intense days I would sit to connect in meditation and as soon as I connected again those gel like soul tears would pour like a fountain from my heart.   As my connection with my higher self and source grew and the veil began to lift further, there were times when the release was so strong that I didn’t want to be here anymore!  I didn’t feel the urge to take my life but I did feel that I couldn’t cope with this intensity anymore and I was so blessed to know how blissful it is beyond this world that I felt if I could just go there now it may be better for me.  I soon realised I needed to re-connect deeper with my physical body in this physical world.  'Balance' on all levels is so very important.  So although we have moved into a new 5D world we are still co-existing in this 3D world and need to stay connected here for this part of our journey.  This is why, along with many other beautiful and wonderful healing tools, I found we need a new form of yoga healing to cope with our ascension into our new bodies and our new world.

I had already began blending many yoga traditions together in a more yin like manner.  I found through my deepening connection with my angels, archangels, spirit and ascended masters that this is what is needed.  We; male and female, are to connect again with our yin/feminine energies.  The more I practiced in ways to heal, soothe and open and the deeper into meditation I went, the more I cleared and connected.  I began channeling ways to heal on all cellular levels, connect to higher sources and allow the expansion of my energetic body through my yoga healing so as to gracefully allow myself evolve through this process, while remaining connected to this physical body and physical world.

In an Ascension Yoga Healing class the premise is to heal and harmonise, and bring balance into our emotional, mental and physical bodies while deepening our connection to spirit.

Namaste, Ashling